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Our initiatives include international and national programs.

Many cooperating partners work together to implement these programs which help to achive our goals. These projects are among others:

-          development of our vine hill territory in Oszkó with the establishment of the accomodation possibilities and the introduction of the open-air school system

-          preservation of the cultural heritage of Vasi-hegyhát

-          improvement of the economical and touristic potential of the region

-           supporting the civil organisations in Vas county

MoreOur own initiatives

Folk camps- Grandpa’s House program

The Village Development Association and The Hungarian National Rural Network launched a Master- Servant training program in 2012 for students and young people who are interested in ethnic architecture.

"Fairy garden” („Tündérkert”) with native fruit trees in the vine hill of Oszkó

The history of our „fairy garden” started in 2010 when we bought 100 pieces native fruit trees from Gyula Kovács and they were planted in Oszkó by the children and their families who live or used to live in the village.

MoreNational initiatives

Volunteer Centre of Vas County

The Volunteer Centre project was launched using ERDF funds on a mission of establishing and spreading a culture of volunteering in Vas county. It integrated the interpersonal, marketing and digital aspects of the task and beside an intensive activist work.

Fruit growing program

With the leadership of Environmental Foundation "Göcsej" started an initiative in 2015 which aimed to establish a strong network of orchardmen in the Transdanubian region with the cooperation of 15 organisations.

Spirit Project

Spirit- Virtual- and community methods for small villages.

MoreInternational initiatives

Academy of Crafts

Operational program Slovenia - Hungary 2007 – 2013. Operation part financed by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Project duration: 15 July 2009 – 14 July 2012

CCC project- Cultural Capital Counts (2011 – 2014)

Cultural Capital Counts was the name of a project that united 10 European regions from 6 nations.